Our Mission

This is Summit Pro Rec we get people who get outdoors. Plain and simple our goal is to provide you with the gear you need to get outside. We are committed to selling quality products to make the outdoors accessible and affordable.
Our suppliers are 100% dedicated to creating quality products therefore their priority is not promoting a "brand". You won't find popular brand names here but you will find quality products.

Our Story

My name is Jenn, I'm the owner and CEO of Summit Pro Rec LLC.  SPR was born from a love of the outdoors and months in quarantine. 
2020 has been a difficult year for all.
Personally, I have struggled with anxiety and depression for years and have found, for me, the only way to get out of my head is to get outside. Luckily I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and spending time in the mountains has kept me sane. 
At SPR it's our goal to get more people outside. We hope to do so by selling quality gear to make the outdoors more accessible and affordable. 

“Nature is cheaper than therapy." -M.P. Zarrella


Mission Statement 

We are passionate about the outdoors and committed to selling quality gear to make the outdoors accessible and affordable.

Our Blog

Here at Summit Pro Rec we want to share our love of the outdoors by sharing our knowledge and experience.  Check out our blog and follow for new posts made public every month. 

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Email: Summitprorec@gmail.com 

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